Red Ronin's Xbox Concepts - Here are some quick and dirty designs for a more CUBIC Xbox Console.

LAN Party Special - This design is meant for ready mobility. With prominent handles on either side, it's can go at any moment. This is closest to the original Xbox console design, only with a smaller footprint.

Cronic Monophonic - Here I wanted to make something that hearkens back to art deco designs for radios. The style would be much more upscale than the previous Xbox, perhaps a mirrored stainless steel and glossy black veneer look. Essentially, I wanted this one to be very pretty, though thoroughly functional. Those concerned about ventilation need not worry, as a huge fan in back cools all inner workings. This time the handles are recessed and at the bottom.

Jellybean Jar - OK, this time I go for a bit more organic look. The profile may remind some of old Silicon Graphics O2 workstations, though it was really inspired by an In-Win design. The sliding drawer is replaced with a clamshell set at an angle on the leading edge. I imagine this version in many different colors, especially for the top piece.

Industrial Crate - Here we make the Xbox look exactly like it's namesake - a box with an X on it, from every angle. Once more, the sliding drawer is replaced, this time with a top loading mechanism. The sidemounted XBOX logos double as handles. Controller ports are aligned vertically on the front, while a single top button powers up the system and a push-click mechanism opens the drive bay.

Red Ronin's Xbox Console - Though I actually like the design of Microsoft's Xbox, I do think it is rather large for a home console. My vision of the console removes the sliding drawer in favor of a top loading system. The trademark thermonuclear 'X' adorns the center of the loading bay. The entire top fascia is emblazoned with a dual contoured 'X' as well. The scalloped vanes remain on the sides and would hide ventilation slats. POWER and OPEN buttons are along the leading edge. The controller ports are closer together, without the wide expanse between. There is a central RESET button on the front.

Top, Side and Front

Approximate Dimensions: 12" W x 9" D x 3" H

Plain Rendering

Shaded Rendering

Full Rendering

Red Ronin's Xbox Controllers - The Xbox controllers are an excellent design, for both US and Japanese markets. I think they would be a bit more functional though if the buttons were arranged a little differently. So this is an example of how I would redesign them both.

United States