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ZDTV Shows Dreamcast Briefly

ZDTV's Fresh Gear Host
Jim Louderback certainly seems like a nice fellow...

Controller ports?  Where?
No, he's not gonna show you the front of the machine...

Look, it's a tsacmaerD!
Hmmm, upside down and backwards. OK.

Modem Port
Well, lookie here!

Presenting the Dreamcast controller!
Hmmm, needs more buttons.

VMU sets you free!
Isn't it cute?

Chaos 0
Who am I?

Dreamcast on Cable TV
Thursday, March 17, 1999

Tonight during ZDTV News there was a short feature on Sega Dreamcast. This was only about two minutes long, so many issues concerning the hardware and Sega's place in the industry were not brought up. Jim Louderback host of ZDTV's Fresh Gear made the presentation, which was undoubtedly, really, very,... bad. It started off OK, he pointed out the physical features of the system. Then immediately proceeded to lambast each and every one of them.

He scoffed at the moniker "128-bit system". He demoralized Sega for including a modem in the system without once mentioning no one has ever done that before. He was baffled by the inclusion of VMU as a storage device and extended gaming tool. He then demonstrated his complete inability to play videogames by committing Chaos-aided suicide in Sonic Adventure. He said "Here's Sonic fighting, well I don't know who it is...", when the words Chaos 0 had already appeared on the screen. He repeatedly mentioned there would be 10-12 games available at the release of Dreamcast, and commented that wasn't very many games at all. He said "These game players need games to play on them." (or something to that effect), but didn't mention that only two games were available for the launch of Nintendo64. (Yes, he called the videogame console a "game player".) It never occurred to him that he should show people the FRONT of the Dreamcast, which has four controller ports and is much more attractive than its rear. Geez, why did they even bother?

Obviously Jim Louderback is far from being an informed or capable gamer. He promises to have a more full report next week, but somehow I'm not looking forward to it. In case you didn't know, Ziff-Davis (operators of ZDTV) publishes both Electronic Gaming Monthly and Official U.S. PlayStation magazines, two uhm, suspected (if not respectable) rags. Happy Silicon Dreams!

Toyoniya Hiyaku, Noromuoy!

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From ZDNet.Com - "Fresh Gear host Jim Louderback is also vice president and editorial director of ZDTV, and is responsible for all technical content."


Jim Louderback of ZDTV

Sonic Bounce!
Sonic Splatter!
Which way do I go?
Sonic attacks!
No, the rings!
Watch out Sonic!
Sonic takes a nap.
Chaos in the rain.

DC Controller - Digital Thumbpad
DC Controller - Analog Thumbpad
DC Controller - Liquid Crystal Display

Virtual Memory Unit - 1
Virtual Memory Unit - 2
Virtual Memory Unit - 3
Virtual Memory Unit - 4
Virtual Memory Unit - 5

Dreamcast Rear - 1
Dreamcast Rear - 2
Dreamcast Rear - 3
Dreamcast Rear - 4
Dreamcast Rear - 5
Dreamcast Rear - 6
Dreamcast Rear - 7

Dreamcast Modem Port - 1
Dreamcast Modem Port - 2
Dreamcast Modem Port - 3
Dreamcast Modem Port - 4

Dreamcast Side

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