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Mature Games for Mature Gamers

Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 03:45:06 GMT
From: Paul Middler (

Since the Saturn is too expensive for the SNES crowd, perhaps Sega should think about expanding its market to include older gamers. I have heard that 90 percent of Sega's games are rated as suitable for all ages and the rest have mature ratings due to violence and gore. Sega should create games about adult situations, like 3DO... and I'm not talking about soft-core pornography. I think there should be more mature games available to attract an older audience. Currently, Sega attracts older gamers because of their sports games, but they could do a lot better if they had adult role-playing games.


Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 18:07:12 GMT
From: Red Ronin (

Agree: True, but don't hold your breath.

True, but don't hold your breath. Since the prices of Next Generation Systems are going to fall like a rock, they will all be just-another-game-machine before long. So, Mommy and Daddy America will not want to see many MA17+ games on the shelves next to systems they buy for the kiddies. It's not at all likely that Sega will put the "SEGA SEAL OF QUALITY" on any games of that type either, whether the company that releases them is fully licensed or not.

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